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October 20, 2008

Loud Objects / Tristan Perich Recap

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The show went great. Good turnout, and I think all the pieces were expertly performed. I got a lot of good comments about the 1/4 Revolution. Hearing Observations performed live really gives you a sense of how LOUD crotales are. It is a mind bending piece.

Tristan posted a few recordings from the concert up on his site:

1/4 Revolution


October 15, 2008

AMODA – Loud Objects & Tristan Perich

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This Saturday, AMODA will present a performance by the Loud Objects and a program of works by innovative composer Tristan Perich.

I’m really looking forward to this show. I met Tristan and Kunal in Los Angeles this past Spring as they were furiously soldering their noise toys at the Bent Festival.

In addition to a super cool live soldering performance by Loud Objects, expect to hear four new compositions by Tristan:

* “Momentary Expanse” for solo vibraphone and 1-bit electronics performed by Nick Hennies of New Music Co-op

* “A, B, C, D” for solo flute and 1-bit electronics performed by Seetha Shivaswamy.

* The world premiere of “1/4 Revolution” for three string players and 1-bit electronics performed by James Alexander, Andrew Noble, and myself.

* Finally, the frenetic “Observations” for two sets of crotales (antique cymbals) and 1-bit electronics will be performed by Nick Hennies of New Music Co-op and Matt Teodori of Line Upon Line.

October 13, 2008

Madison Recap

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After much technological wrangling, the piece came together! Writing for an idiosyncratic instrument like the 5 octave marimba is complex enough, but you add 8 channels of audio surrounding the audience, and things get pretty hairy. I think it was a success though. I’ll be getting to some edits over the next few weeks. The audience response was really great. I appreciated how many people came out from the University and had intelligent things to say about the work on the program after the show. Looking forward to bringing this piece home for Electrons & Phonons on November 14th & 15th.

October 9, 2008

Anchialine Premiere – Madison, WI

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Madison is really beautiful this time of year. Nathaniel Bartlett and I have been working towards getting my new piece “Anchialine” for marimba and electronics up and running through his equipment. We did an early morning radio show on WORT (a very cool independent radio station here in Madison) as part of my grant from Meet the Composer Foundation.┬áThe premiere will be this Saturday October 11th at 8pm at Overture Center in Madison.

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