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February 25, 2008

Old River / Lost River @ Salvage Vanguard, Mar 1st

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I’ll be performing this weekend along with Tatsuya Nakatani & my friend Bill Meadows. Check it out:

March 1st, Saturday.
8:30 PM doors, show 9:00PM sharp.
Salvage Vanguard Theater 2803 Manor Rd. – $12
presented by, Church of the Friendly Ghost.

9pm Tatsuya Nakatani – Improvisational Percussionist – performs solo.
10:00pm William Meadows – Pluto: Requiem for an Icy World
10:30pm NMC ensmemble performs Travis Weller’s Old River / Lost River

Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion) is originally from Osaka, Japan. In 2006 he performed in 80 cities in 7 countries and collaborated with 163 artists worldwide. In the past 10 years he has released nearly 50 recordings on CD.

He has created his own instrumentation, effectively inventing many instruments and extended techniques. He utilizes drumset, bowed gongs, cymbals, singing bowls, metal objects, bells, and various sticks and bows to create an intense, organic music that defies category or genre. His music is based in improvised/ experimental music, jazz, free jazz, rock, and noise, yet retains the sense of space and beauty found in traditional Japanese folk music.

In addition to live solo and ensemble performances he works as a sound designer for film and television. He also teaches Masterclasses and Workshops at the University level. He also heads H&H Production, an independent record label and recording studio based in Easton, Pennsylvania. He was selected as a performing artist for the Pennsylvania Performing Artist on Tour (PennPat) roster as well as a Bronx Arts Council Individual Artist grant.

William Meadows
“Pluto: Requiem for an Icy World” (2006)
For cello and electroacoustic music.

Lowly Pluto, unknown to Holst, demoted to a dwarf, gets no respect.
This certainly won’t be the last tribute to that speck of rock and ice.
Most of the sounds were derived from recordings of the cello, processed
in various ways with Kyma and Metasynth. The electronic score evokes
the stark and desolate edge of the solar system, contrasted by the
melodic line of the cello. Use of extended playing techniques in the
middle section merges the live and recorded worlds. “Pluto: Requiem for
an Icy World” was nominated by the Austin Critic’s Table for Best
Original Composition in 2006, and it will be performed at the 2008
SEAMUS National Conference in Salt Lake City.

Travis Weller premiers Old River / Lost River (composed Jan 2008.)

Old River / Lost River employs custom built instruments that I’ve
been working with over the past two years: a high tension music wire
instrument named “The Owl” as well as scrap-steel “bells” and
“chimes” that I developed for a commission by the percussion quartet
“Paella” in Scotland earlier this year. Some of the sounds were
inspired by a landscape east of Houston that I travelled through
recently. The title comes from two rivers: The ‘Old River’ and the
‘Lost River’ which join around that general area. Like much of my
work, this piece explores the stability and density of sound.

Travis Weller, amplified violin
James Alexander, amplified viola
Brent Fariss, amplified contrabass
Nick Hennies, percussion
Brandon Young, owl

More info in work…

February 18, 2008

Toneburst Saturday Feb 23rd

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This Saturday, is a special edition of Tone Burst: a KOOP Radio / COMMERCIAL SUICIDE benefit concert

I’ll be performing the “Maritime Suite” with Sarah Norris, Seetha Shivaswamy and Henna Chou. The concert will also include solo and group performances by local
experimental musicians Nick Hennies, Alex Keller, Brent Fariss/Sarah
Norris, Thomas Fang, Rick Reed.

There will also be refreshments, a fundraising raffle of artwork, musical
equipment, CDs and other items of interest, with all proceeds going
towards the rebuilding of KOOP Radio, which if you don’t know, suffered
yet another devastating fire January 6th of this year.

For more info, see

Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Road, 8pm, $8

February 4, 2008

CME Performance recap

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I couldn’t be happier with last night’s performance at the Nicholas Roerich Museum on the upper west side of Manhattan. The ensemble played really well, and there was a good crowd (thanks especially to my friends who were able to make it out). I really enjoyed spending the week in NYC re-connecting with Austin expats and working with Jeff, Dani, Roberta, and Evelyn of the Cadillac Moon Ensemble.

More info in work

February 3, 2008

NYC Performance

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The final rehearsal before the concert went really well today! Here are the details of the show:

Sunday, February 3, at 5 p.m.
At the Nicholas Roerich Museum
319 W 107th St, New York, NY
The Cadillac Moon Ensemble performing works by Christian Wolff, Travis Weller, Jeffrey J. Phillips, Zach Browning, Luciano Berio
Free admission

February 2, 2008

Morton Feldman Says…

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In NYC Today, I found a good deal on this book. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but thats more the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound talking.

Anyhow, very glad I picked it up as it has some wonderful interviews in it and some nice examples of manuscript scores — some of which are difficult to find.


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I had a nice lunch with Holland Hopson today. It was really nice to see him and catch up since his move to Albany. He’s currently working on a residency in Brooklyn at Lemur teaching robotic percussionists to accompany him on banjo via Max/MSP. So very Holland.

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